Do you remember your first touch, your first kiss, your first hello, the first time you ever held hands with that special someone?  Have you ever experienced the grip from a baby’s hand clenching onto your finger, or a young child just wanting to holding your hand?  They instinctively know the Art and the importance of touch and are trying to show us, but yet we are not listening. Have we forgotten it ?

Just when did the winds began to blow and the business of life somehow creep in – it seems some days that it blows harder than others and then there are the days it just rains. The rain will present itself either as a  light shower or sometimes a heavy downpour washing everything which it falls upon. It cleans our surroundings, and if we are looking it enables us to see things in a brand new way, in a new light. A fresh start.

The rain always stops and again the sun begins to shine,  feeding us with its warmth and certainty – it’s an inner feeling that you could certainly almost bathe in.

Holding another persons hand for many is the Sun that Shines and it feeds their soul, giving them strength and promise. It’s every unspoken word, spoken with this simple act, and it’s a sacred  language. It’s the glue that bonds.

I had some free time this summer and took advantage of people watching, seeing them bathing in the Sun’s warmth and certainty, I feel blessed that I was able to see and experience what I did, including sharing these pictures with you.

It takes a lot of work to shut everything out, to stop thinking and just be in the moment, thus stopping all the internal chatter and then feeling all the life that is around you. Forgetting about your life for that single moment and feeling the life that exists all around you – it is amazing when you’re finally are able to find that sweet spot.  It’s what I imagine it would be like exploring a strange new planet for the very first time, it’s that single moment when life changes forever.

Life doesn’t always have to be a race that we trying to win, it is okay to stop and let others pass by.

What if you did win your race?  What is the prize?  Is there one?

What ever the prize is, I don’t really think it is worth it.  By staying in the race you will have missed everything you passed by and never took the time to stop and experience it.

Life for me is about the experiences and not the race.  I pulled out of it a long time ago and work very hard trying to not join in again. There are already too many people included in the race and they seem to always be calling out and looking of for extra participants, I’m definitely not listening.

Here in Victoria we are inundated with hundreds of tourists from all walks of life. Some are on their day trips from the anchored cruise ships, while many others have driven across the country to experience this Island at the most western part of Canada.

Catching my attention was the intricate Art of holding hands,  noting that it does have a language of its own. All the participants with their fingers and hands wrapped and clasped in their own embedded way,  have created and are speaking their own special language.

The majority of hand holders is seemingly from the older generation…by almost 10 to 1.

It appears that this art is being lost .

Instead of sharing the Art,  most of the younger couples were too pre-occupied  with taking  personal selfies and trying to stand out in their own way. So caught up by life’s misconceptions they are not seeing anything or anyone around them, including their loved ones.

Yet the older group seemed to take the time to just stroll, and capture the essences around them. There was almost a mosaic music to the way they strolled in harmony and were not distracted by all the noise of life around them. They were able to simply be in the moment, enjoying the now and each other’s company. Whether smiling at each other or not,  you could clearly see the music that played inside of them, their old favourite song that has been playing for years.

The simple act of holding hands has so much power – it can heal and ease extra ordinary amounts of pain, show love,  bring on a smile and most importantly with out saying any words it can say I love you.

It expresses so much, but truly I think the art of it is being forgotten  Have we gotten so lost in the “all about me”  world that has encompassed so many ?

I have always admired those older couples that show expressions of love and truly get what life is about, it has helped fuel my expressions of love and to share what I feel is important.

They have found a little of  life’s secret and are sharing what they know. This secret, if we let it will feed our soul and grow our hearts much larger  than we could ever imagine.

Take a moment and hold someone’s hand, feel the energy that is exchanged, speak your language and share this art that needs to be re revived.