A Point of View.

Many of us have an opinion, a perception, our own point of view – and of course our view is more right and in many cases holds more merit than someone else’s. We had the best experience and our version happens to be the top seller.

But is it?

Why was ours the best experience, in-turn topping and discrediting the one being told ?

With all experiences come lessons, some of those lessons being good and then others that are not so good. There are people from many different cultures that believe all lessons being learnt have been individualized to help each of us with our spiritual growth.

So often we somehow feel compelled to express our version of the story without even being asked – rather than just listening to someone else’s story and enjoying it, we feel the need to voice our experience.

This is THEIR experience, THEIR story and it’s just as important and meaningful as the one you’re living.

Have you ever caught your voice slowly raising its volume higher and higher only because it thinks it’s not being heard?  And then when you’re in a group of storytellers everyone’s volume keeps going up and up ( Sounding like un-conducted orchestra just warming up  ) – a room filled with unorganized noise where no one is really listening.

Everyone’s pages of the story are thought to have been written better and all are wanting to be heard –   because possibly their story has more drama, more action, more characters, more Wow, more punch, more-more-more.

I have to tell you my story because it’s better – come on listen – hey! Why aren’t you listening?” We are almost yelling and not even noticing it.

See how easy it is to want to say hey – hey my version is better written and you need to listen.

I have, and it took a lot of self-realization before I was able to silence that voice which happens to go by the name of Ego.  Ego is a hard beast to face and admit to – first it takes awareness, then ownership and a lot of endless effort to finally tame it.

The villain Ego has never been completely silenced or conquered. Ego simply hunkers in waiting for our guard to be down so it can leap out when we are least expecting and then take over the show.

Once recognized it’s a continuous and ongoing effort to subdue and keep Ego at bay.

A point of view is just that – a point of view. An individuals encounter of story that has the same back drop but was played at a different time and with different actors thus making the experience not the same version as the one you, or they, experienced.

In many cases, if not all of them, it’s better to enjoy the story rather than adding  your version to someone else’s script.

Of course this is true but in the case when your asked to give your perception of the experience don’t steal the show with your version making the other story teller feeling the need for a  total rewrite  – give a few highlights of yours but really keep the content of your story for another time.

Sit back and add value by just being a captive Audience.

Life is a journey that is as individual as we all are, for someone to live your experience only inhibits their path and subsequent growth.

Life is our school yard, learn we will and fall we must. They both go hand in hand helping creating the pages of our story and experiences that were traveled in this life time.

Listen, learn, experience and grow into the amazing you that was created.