In Dearest Moments of William ED PROBBINS
Born on Easter Day 1848 and laid to rest April 27th 1911
Resting by his side is his wife ELLEN who was born in Flamstead England in 1850 and passed on in Victoria on Sept 12, 1940.
To that brightest of all meetings brings us Jesus Christ at last
By the Cross-through death and judgment holding fast. 

Cemeteries have always been a drawing card for me – I am visiting the resting place of many past souls who have lived a life, had a family, dreamed a dream. They were us, and experienced lots if not all of what we are.
Putting real thought into their lives will truly lift the veils that cover our own eyes, opening new doors that we may step through and ornate the life we live.
What words of advice would be given by these past souls if it was possible?  Buy a bigger car?  Work more hours in the a day? Worry more?  Think only about ourselves?
I would like to think, slow down, high five a passer-by just because, and share the light that we all radiate.
I don’t like to think about leaving this amazing world we live in, but I will one day and so will you. If my words could be heard after I had passed I would express just how gifted each and every one is, and that we are all perfect in every way because that’s how God made us.
I have no idea who William and Ellen were,  but I’ll bet that they laughed and cried, had a family that loved them, danced like no one else could ever dance and questioned the same things that we do.
We are not that special, and to think our generation is like no other is a misconception. The dreams of past souls were no less than ours and were special in their own unique way.  For every dream there is a possibility, there is hope,  and there is light.

I thank William and his wife Ellen for moments I spent with them and the thoughts that I experienced.
William and Ellen are resting in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria. Their beautiful stone marker is a reflection of their amazing life.

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