Look inside and Awaken

We all have dreams and ambitions of these incredible things that one day we will do.  But in many cases, if not most, it remains just that – a distant dream that we failed to act upon, a vision, a could have been, a should have been.

We had the best of intentions, but life, people and sometimes doubt, seems to creeps in , stealing our dreams and we never quite get there. 

But that inner feeling is imbedded and seems to be in partnership with our silent voice which still speaks, though faint it’s still there and reminds us of our dreams.  It’s endless and persistent, like a young child trying to get their way and it tugs then pulls at our heart,  quietly calling to us, echoing  from inside.

We  resist what we know inside and use whatever excuse is at hand, we all have a pocket full of them,  while fully knowing that it’s just the easy way out.  Because its not really possible … how can it be, its just a dream, everyone has them.

These incredible dreams end up left sitting and waiting on a coloured palette.  there are so many possibilities that could be explored, but they remain nothing more than just a dream, a smudged unclear picture of what we envisioned but were never able to fully attain. It’s not until we look deep inside ourselves and truly listen that can we fully awaken, Once awakened our dreams can and will transpire into reality. 

Those who listen to their inner voice will  awaken and discover the true answers that are needed to fulfill their dreams…

Your inner voice is there, it’s awaiting for you to listen and believe what has always been. 

We are the artists and true sculptors of our lives …

There have been many books written about the lives of other dreamers whose dreams did come true and how they accomplished them. Their Amazing life stories speak loudly and talk of the many road blocks that were encountered.  To no surprise their road blocks are like the many we experience in life – all the usual back ground chatter, you know!  It’s  impossible , impractical,  a waste of time, nothing more than a pipe dream that will never transpire, it’s just a dream and everyone has them.  We seem to be surrounded by the non-believers and those dream-breakers who seem to know it all and try to quash our vision.

The Dream makers didn’t listen to the outside voices but instead they were driven by their inner voice, their inner calling, never looking back, only striving forward and  following what they knew was possible. Not knowing  what the outcome would be they still pushed and strived forward not letting any obstacles stop them.

Success doesn’t come from others it comes from inside.

Those who look outside themselves…..dream 

Those who look inside themselves …awaken

It’s not what others think that is important, it’s YOUR dream, YOUR vision , YOUR life , YOUR incredible journey,  and its only really just begun.

All of the colours of our life are inside each of us and can be put on any canvas we desire, creating whatever picture we choose to paint. If you don’t like your picture then start over and create another and if need be another. 

The key is to look inside and follow your heart, there is no right or wrong.  YOU are the artist painting the reflection of your life. The stoke of a brush can accent the light of the day or shadow the images lost in the night  The choice of colour is yours and it’s never ending. It’s your path and you can choose which which ever one to take.. 

Yesterday is but a vision, and tomorrow is only a dream.

Look inside and listen to what has always been. 



In Dearest Moments of William ED PROBBINS
Born on Easter Day 1848 and laid to rest April 27th 1911
Resting by his side is his wife ELLEN who was born in Flamstead England in 1850 and passed on in Victoria on Sept 12, 1940.
To that brightest of all meetings brings us Jesus Christ at last
By the Cross-through death and judgment holding fast. 

Cemeteries have always been a drawing card for me – I am visiting the resting place of many past souls who have lived a life, had a family, dreamed a dream. They were us, and experienced lots if not all of what we are.
Putting real thought into their lives will truly lift the veils that cover our own eyes, opening new doors that we may step through and ornate the life we live.
What words of advice would be given by these past souls if it was possible?  Buy a bigger car?  Work more hours in the a day? Worry more?  Think only about ourselves?
I would like to think, slow down, high five a passer-by just because, and share the light that we all radiate.
I don’t like to think about leaving this amazing world we live in, but I will one day and so will you. If my words could be heard after I had passed I would express just how gifted each and every one is, and that we are all perfect in every way because that’s how God made us.
I have no idea who William and Ellen were,  but I’ll bet that they laughed and cried, had a family that loved them, danced like no one else could ever dance and questioned the same things that we do.
We are not that special, and to think our generation is like no other is a misconception. The dreams of past souls were no less than ours and were special in their own unique way.  For every dream there is a possibility, there is hope,  and there is light.

I thank William and his wife Ellen for moments I spent with them and the thoughts that I experienced.
William and Ellen are resting in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria. Their beautiful stone marker is a reflection of their amazing life.

In the blink of an eye.

Life’s schedule seems to take up all of our visual time, we are so busy going to or coming from, that for the most part we fail to see what is right before us. That was me before I took up photography – life just kept rolling by and I didn’t see what was right before me …. life… colours … a smile from a passer-by, a flower wisping back and forth in the wind or a seagull flying away to find its next treat. When a picture is taken, we can see what we didn’t, and in a lot of cases should have. If we take away all of the distractions and really look, all the beauty of life is right before us. It didn’t just magically happen – it was there all the time.